This website relates to the CCA Class Action lawsuit

September 17, 2012

Settlement Status Update: Checks were mailed to approved claimants yesterday, September 10, 2012. The checks will be for about the same amount as the estimates you received. You should have received your check by September 17, 2012. If you made a successful claim but you do not receive your check, please email CCACLASSACTIONSETTLEMENT@KCCLLC.COM

Free professional assistance with student debt-related issues. As part of the settlement with CCA, a Services Fund has been established to provide all class members with free professional assistance in managing their student loans and student debt-related issues. Attorney Adam Wolf and his firm have been engaged to provide these services. Mr. Wolf is an exceptionally well-credentialed lawyer. For free legal advice about your CCA student debt challenges, go register at:

Please share this information with any other class members you know.



If you have questions about how your payment was calculated, please read the Notice that described the settlement, or the Payment Guidelines that were part of the settlement agreement. Copies of these documents are posted below. If you are confused about deductions from your check, these documents explain the deductions in detail.

If you did not submit a timely claim, or your claim was disallowed, we are very sorry. Those decisions are now final. The available funds have all been distributed pursuant to the terms of the Settlement, in the amounts determined by BDO and the Special Master. There is nothing more we can do for you.

We cannot tell you what taxes, if any, you owe on your claim. Ask your tax professional whether or not this is money or forgiveness is most fairly characterized as a refund of tuition or as taxable income. Show them the complaint (a copy is below) which we think makes fairly clear that this case was about getting your money back. Also show your tax professional the payment Guidelines or the Notice (download links are above), which we think show that the payment was calculated, at least for culinary program students, based on tuition paid out of pocket. Information about tax issues may also be available from the Services Firm at

CCA Third Amended Complaint CCA Third Amended Complaint.pdf

If you were not in the class as defined by the settlement agreement, or if you were not on the notice list, then you are not bound by the settlement. If you were not on the list or not in the class, you may retain your own lawyer and pursue your own claims. Claims may be barred by the applicable statute of limitations. If your claims are barred by the applicable statute of limitations, you may still be able to assert them as defenses to collection of certain CCA-related student loan debts under the “Holder Rule.” Consult a qualified lawyer.

If you were on the notice list and you did not file a timely claim, you can still take advantage of the Services Fund.

Closing Word from Ray and Robert: We have been honored to serve you. We are proud of the $40 million result we achieved here. It is the largest ever achieved in a case of this kind against a school. We are glad for the help it will give you. And we are glad that our efforts, and the publicity surrounding them, have contributed to increased awareness nationwide of the problems you and others like you have had.

Finally, we urge you to take advantage of the Services Fund and the information and assistance Mr. Wolf can provide to you. He is an extraordinarily able lawyer, and he and his staff will be exploring all available legal options to continue the process of addressing your student debt problems. Please go to and register.

The Claims Administrator is BDO. You can visit the claims administrator’s website at Or, contact them directly at:

100 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

Class Counsel Ray Gallo and Robert Mills represented the class in this lawsuit. You may contact them as follows:

Robert W. Mills
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San Rafael, CA 94903
Tel: (415) 455-1326
Fax: (415) 455-1327
Ray E. Gallo
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